About Us

Hi there! 

My name is Michelle. I have Tony and April as my "littles" who make my world a little crazy each and every day. We live near a family destination town, Ocean City MD! Living so close to the ocean is what got our family into the cloth life. We want this town and this ocean to be something that lasts a million lifetimes. 

Diapers not only affect our landfills but the chemicals and fecal matter in the diapers eventually work its way into our waterways. Unfortunately, so many parents do not realize and/or were never told to never toss the diaper and its contents in the trash. During my first pregnancy, I took many classes at the local hospital to prepare myself and this was never a discussed topic. They simply taught me how to put a diaper on and that was it. How can we not be told of something so important? This is contaminating our water across the globe. Living near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, we need to do our part.


My 6 year old who is momma's helper. She is an absolute angel with a lot of spunk in her! 


My 1 year old hurricane. He is my current little in diapers. He loves to make mine and his sisters life interesting as can be. 

Oscar & Brody

Our two dearly loved Poodles. One is a red and one is black poodle. These two fellas are the cherries on top of the crazy sundae we call Life!  


 A little about our efforts towards sustainability

~ 100% biodegrable packaging (throw it in the compost, it’ll decompose in about 12 months versus your typical plastic which can take up to 20 years) 

~ Reduce the amount of paper products used in each of our packages 

~ Opting out of the use of protective package from the manufacture, to our office 

~ Encourage the use of a reusable, cute diapers from birth ‘til your little is potty trained 

~ 35% profits from one diaper of each round will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup Project 


We are a small shop so please be courteous to us and we will be the same. I hope to see you back on our site!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns- please email us at coastalcaboose@gmail.com ✨